Hey people!

What to expect from this blog you wonder. So do I. I’m interested in so many thing like: branding and marketing, psychology (life coaching, customer behavior, decision making process, self esteem etc) fashion, fashion history, sustainable living, art history, design, typography, drawing, visual graphics, cats, fitness ad healthy living and a lot more. I’m not saying that I’m good in all of it, but I read interesting articles and I have an opinion. I would like this blog to be the platform where I can share my findings, my interests, opinion, a piece of my personality.

The smart people says that I should be STARTEGIC in content, in distribution, in target audience. I accept and I agree to a certain degree, but I’m just trying to find my strategy and align everything accordingly for months. I did not find the perfect structure, or the perfect topic, because I do not want to restrain myself saying that: I’m going to write about egg yolks when I have a whole chicken farm to write about. So I decided that, doing nothing, just planning and not getting nearer to my goals is not an option any more. I’m just going to go with one of our most well-known slogan: JUST DO IT, and see what happens. I know I need to find my own voice and style, but if I never start, I’m just never going to get there.

I’m sure about two thing: SUSTAINABILITY AND FUN

Read it, love it