the bag story

It’s been a while since I decided to sew some awesome bags and sell them for a lucky few.
1 – 1,5 half year now. I bough the fabric but when I was home, I never had enough time, or energy, and frankly,  my machine is not for mass production.

During the last few weeks, the school was not a big challenge, so I decided to challenge myself. I started the project I’ve been planning for a long time: THE BAG PROJECT. When I was at home last time I took the fabric with me (to Denmark). So I had the fabric, I had the time, I had some basic sewing skills and I started sewing bags. Then I got better, and I started to try other styles. (They look pretty nice though)


I had some rough time with the lining and pockets and the machines, but I definitely enjoyed it. I created something with my own hands, nobody helped me, and it is very rewarding. I love my bags, they are my babies, so I hope you are going to love as much as I do.



The basic idea was that I’m going to create something entirely from textile waste\leftover, but given that this was my first project, and I was not prepared enough, it did not happen as I planned.

Golden fabric: bought in store a year ago (not leftover)

Black and white lining: bought in store half a year ago (not leftover)

String: bought in store a week ago (not leftover)

Gray lining: bought in second hand store, it was a curtain before (leftover)

Buckle: from second hand store as well (leftover)



  • Be more careful with the paper when doing the pattern (it seems that these are not difficult patterns, but actually it was difficult for me for the first time.)
  • Design something from the fabrics that I have, and do not plan to buy some more.
  • Plan in advance how I am going to cut the fabric to have the least cutting waste.
  • Watch the F*N youtube video for a million time if I must, because I’m going to understand after a while
  • Enjoy every moment, because I’m learning

So there is still a long way to go to have my own brand or store, but one time…




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