Fashion has a huge influence on people. We are affected by the trends, colors, prices, brands. We care about our looks, as well as other’s looks, our style expresses our mood or personality. Fashion is powerful. And I believe that we should use this power for something good.

As fashion is in the frontline of our lives, it could be an agent for change. Let’s show the world how to make smart choices, how to live a more sustainable life, how to reduce consumerist desires, with our fashion choices.

buy less or buy ethical

Both. In this order. Eventhoug I understand that ethical production crates only a fraction of harmful impact on society and environment than regular production, in my opinion it is important that it still creates harm. Do not misunderstand me: I SUPPORT ETHICALLY PRODUCED FASHION. I think that should be the norm. But when it comes to consumption, I think we should consume as less as possible whether if it is ethical or normal products.

I do not want to be a hypocrite, so I’m going to be honest: I realized the impact of excessive consumption not long ago, and I’m still in the phase of finding a balance between style and consumption. I’m working on my own ethical consumption guidelines. Hopefully I can share them with you soon.

Since I moved to Denmark (a year ago), I bought only few items:

Socks & panties (H&M)
A pair of amazing jeans short (second hand)
A plain black T-shirt (second hand)
Raincoat (Tiger)
Bra (H&M)
Black pants (H&M)
Nike (Hervis)
(+I bought some fabric for my bags in the second hand as well)

I’m not proud of shopping in fast fashion, but as I mentioned I’m still looking for alternatives, I’m trying to figure out how to avoid fast fashion stores completely. Damn they are so convenient.

And this is my mission: to show my progress to you, that it is possible, you can be stylish and yet sustainable at the same time.



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