Step by step: a bit of positivity for every day

In my previous post I talked about the life changing effect of positive thinking. I also told you that it takes time and self-discipline to fully embrace the mindset. Now I would like to share a few tips & tricks that helped me on my way.

FIRST AND FOREMOST: BE GRATEFUL. There are trillion things in your life that you can be grateful for. All the small things that at the moment seem natural or ordinary is a potential source of happiness. If you try to look at them so.


  • Try to imagine your life without essentials (morning coffee, car, cookie-dough icecream), it’ll be easier to appreciate all these everyday moments.
  • Train your brain to notice special moments and take a mental gratefulness note. Just tell yourself how thankful you are and immerse in the moment.
  • Take 5 minutes in the evening to reflect on your gratefulness notes, and absorb the warm feeling of positive energies.
  • Do a visual gratefulness wall, like I did. Every time when you look at this collection of memories you will feel blessed.


WHEN LIFE GIVES YOU LEMON…IT IS TIME TO OPEN THE TEQUILA: Every time when something is not going according to your plans, try to find a positive angle. Here are some examples from my recent tequila shots.

  • My boyfriend broke up with me out of the blue; it is time to focus on myself and put all my energy into my career\body\intellectual goals.
  • I didn’t get hired to the place I applied; they give me some good feedback, so I learned a lot and for the next interview I’m going to be more prepared.

Of course it doesn’t mean you’ll not feel hurt, but if you drive your energies to focus on the positives, you don’t have the capacity to overthink the negatives.

MEDITATE: Take your time to clear the negative energies from your body and invite the positives in.

EXERCISE: Do some physical activity to get rid of the excess energy (that you otherwise would spend on overthinking). A relaxed body and mind after a long workout is like a fresh start.

These are just a few steps on a long path, but the more you practice, the more natural it gets to think positively. Keep it up 🙂