day1 – 30×300 challenge

I’m definitely a thinker-planner rather than a doer-executer. I tend to overanalyze ideas, spend too much time on details and what ifs. After a few months, the excitement of planning turns into burdens and I get stuck with piles of brainstorming papers, name ideas and half ready visual identity elements. I tend to link the kickoff of a new project to special dates.

“I’m gonna start my sugar fasting next Monday.”
“From first of next month I stop using single-use plastics.”

We’ve all been there. Maybe it works for some people, but at 27 I had to realise: I’m not one of them. I’m a procrastinator.

“Oh, I had pastry for breakfast, so I’m gonna start next Monday.”

I’ve been planning to have a sugar fast for months, but I always managed to convince myself I can start next Monday. And I kept eating bowls of ice cream (don’t judge me it’s cookie dough), drink soda after every lunch and I was surprised that despite of 3-4 days of training a week my body doesn’t seem to show signs of muscle development. It was on a Sunday morning when standing in front of the mirror I told myself: this has to stop. At that moment I clicked into the right mindset to go through the seemingly impossible process of sugar fasting, because I was DISAPPOINTED with myself. Then and there I decided it is happening for real.

I still needed a week to prepare myself mentally. More precisely I wanted to wait until my bf leaves for vacation. I tend to sugarbing when we are together. He has some miracle metabolism and basically can eat anything and still have the sixpack. Lucky bastard.

So the day had come, he left next Friday and I was alone with my insane sugar craving and my determination to beat my addiction. And I started. On a Saturday, nothing special, no next Monday, no accidental pastry breakfast. I had the mindset, I had the determination, I had the right circumstances. It’s been a week since and I’m still holding up. I even skipped free cake yesterday. Is it possible to be my own superhero?

The reason why I shared this story, beside I wanted to brag about my bf amazing body, is because this is an excellent example of me trying to push responsibilities and never get things done. On the other hand it is an excellent example for what happens if I really set my mind to something and I go through with my plans. I feel amazing because I beat my own weakness (being a planner rather than a doer) and now I’m harvesting the benefits.

This experience encouraged me to start one of my other always postponed project: get better at writing. I had a class on writing in February and since then I’ve always wanted to improve my skills. Now I know I have the determination and self discipline needed to accomplish seemingly impossible projects. So here I am starting my writing practice on a Friday morning. Nothing special, no planning, no what if,  just me and my determination working together to kick the ass of my procrastinator self and make the first steps toward a more flexible, maybe even location independent lifestyle.

I read the post on Location Rebel on how to become a better writer. One of the advice is ‘Write every day’. So that is what I’m going to start with. I set myself a 30×300 challenge, meaning I’m going to write 300 words for 30 consecutive days. I’m also going to post them here, because it is a huge motivation to keep all my fans updated. Just kidding, I believe my only loyal reader is my Mom, who uses google translate to be able to read my posts. She is the best tho.  

But if you happen to be someone who doesn’t know me, and read this whole story because it was interesting I’m so glad you are here. If you leave a comment or a like it would really boost my motivation. Thank you, and come back tomorrow!

( These 683 word took 1,5 hour. Hey, I have to start somewhere)


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