day2 – 30×300 challenge

There is no such thing as perfect timing. 

As you know, I’m a compulsive procrastinator. I tend to postpone my project plans because I convince myself the time is not right.

“I can’t start my sugarfast when my bf is here, we enjoy eating sweets together”

“I’m gonna be plant-based when I will have the money to buy almond milk for my morning smoothies”

“I can’t start practice writing because my schedule for the next month is C.R.A.Z.Y. In the next 2 weeks I have 14 hours work days every day (no kidding, this is happening right now) and after that I’m going home, so I’m going to be super busy with meeting friends, hugging my  family, getting tanned and hiking. How could I pull of writing 300 words every day? Let’s start when I get back from vacation!”

But wait…I’m practicing writing right now, exactly in the middle of my 14 hour workday weeks. So what happened?

We can call it miracle, or simply I understood the lessons from my past experiences, but I finally accepted that there is no such thing as perfect timing or perfect conditions. I can always find excuses to procrastinate. I can always blame the circumstances for failing to get started with a project. I did so far and  already missed too many opportunities. Now I see that the circumstances are not the problem, but my attitude.

What is the right attitude?

Yes, I can, if I want to and I will.  

The ‘want to’ part is the trickiest one.To commit yourself to something (for real) you have to be sure you truly want to do that something. My something at the moment is writing. I want to get better at writing. So good indeed I can make a living of it. There is no better timing to start achieving my dreams than…right now.

(318 words in 80 mins with editing. I can do better!)


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