day5 – 30×300 challenge

Fashion is my nemesis

I remember when I dreamed of becoming a world famous fashion blogger. I fantasized about walk in closets and shopping trips with so many bags I need a person to carry them for me. I envied all the fancy people at fancy fashion shows in their fancy designer clothes. I wanted to be the next Chiara Ferragni who doesn’t wear the same outfit twice and her biggest concern is which shoe matches her new Gucci skirt.

Oh how naive and careless I was. It feels like a completely different person. It is amazing how I changed 180°. Now I’m repelled by that lifestyle.

Today I see fashion simply as a business tool that is used to encourage people for overconsumption and mindless spending. Do you think we really need new clothes every two weeks? Because that is how often the fast fashion stores roll out new collections. By putting new styles on the shelves regularly their goal is to make the old styles obsolete. If you buy the hottest trend today, I guarantee it will be out of style in latest 6 months. No insta fashionista wants to be unfollowed because of his/her outdated sneakers. Keeping up with trends means weekly shopping trips, clothes worn 2-3 times and devastating card balance.

I know, I’ve been there myself. I used to shop to pass time or because I was in a bad mood. I lived in the false perception that lots of clothes equals good style. I couldn’t be more wrong. It is exactly the opposite. Buying too much means I’m looking for my style. Experimenting with colors, shapes and fabrics. It’s okay for a while, because we need to find what looks good on us, but most people stuck in this phase, and never settle. They keep buying, keep trying to follow all the trends even though it doesn’t fit them, and they might never realize that their sense of style is as phony as mine was.

I feel lucky, because I stopped caring about trends and being ‘in fashion’ when I learned about minimalism and mindful living. I realized that there are so much more I can do with time than trying to satisfy other’s expectations about my appearance. I’m not saying I’m ignoring how I look, but clothes are not a priority anymore. I still spend time to put together an acceptable outfit in the morning. The difference is that I only own a few items, I love all of them, I know they fit me and they mostly black so I don’t have to spend hours to match colors, decide about patterns or figure out what suits my mood. I’m not trendy or fashionable, and I’m absolutely fine with it. I feel confident in my clothes, I don’t spend my precious time&money on shopping. I’m completely against the concept of fashion and excessive consumption.

On the other hand I’m a big supporter of conscious consumption and personal style.

(Today was a bit hectic, so I couldn’t keep track of the time. Also I don’t really like this post, it doesn’t have a style. It’s more like a diary. But the point is that I kept my my promise, I wrote 500 words which shows that my self-discipline is improving. Also, I overcome my ‘perfectionist’ mindset and I posted something I was not proud of for the sake of personal-growth.)


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