day8 – 30×300 challenge

Let’s talk about career

If you’ve been reading the 30×300 challenge you already know that in the past years I went through a massive personal development. My opinion about career and work-life balance is entirely different than 3-5 years ago thanks to the eye opening experiences in my life. 

Before I had any idea about life, when I lived in my own  reality during high school/uni, I thought I wanted to have an old fashioned career. Climb the ladder at a multinational company, work my ass off and get a well paid manager position at 40. I wanted to be successful in a socially accepted manner. Earn a lot of money, have power over people, and have an influence on the company’s operation.

Again… how naive I was. Today I’m just laughing at my old self.

Since then I left the pampering school environment. Indeed I left my original cultural and social environment that determined my worldview for so long. The world opened up for me, and my perception about career and success has changed completely.

Today success means happiness. Career means doing what I love. I’m appreciated and I get decently paid for my work. Loads of money and power are not motivators any more. I would rather take a job that pays less, but gives me freedom to travel and live my ad-hoc life than one that pays shitload of money but ties me to a chair in front of a screen. I would rather be a part of the team and work together with people, than above them. I would rather have fun and amazing experiences than sell my soul and work fork in a box and feel miserable in my office suit.

Is it the socially accepted definition of ‘success’? Not today. But I believe we are going there. Millenials are changing the way people think about success. They are more open for untraditional career paths, and care less about social expectation regarding their life. I completely understand why (maybe because I’m a millennial myself). I don’t care if somebody thinks I have a poor life because I don’t own a car or I don’t have a 9-5 job. I’m happy without those things. I don’t want to fit in a box just because others expect me to. I only have one life and I want to spend it as it pleases me, not others.

Of course here I talk about myself. There are people who are happy with an office job, 30 mins of lunch break and summer holidays. I don’t judge them. As long as they are happy I support all of them. But having that lifestyle just because that is socially accepted? No thank you.

(371 words, 40 mins + editing)


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