day9 – 30×300 challenge

Let’s talk about money

There is a famous quote about how too little and too much money influences your happiness. I didn’t find the quote, because I decided not to spend time on research while I do this challenge, but go with the flow and listen to my gut. The point of that famous quote is that if you don’t have enough money you are not happy, because chances are that your basic needs are not covered.  If you have too much money you are miserable, because you lose the sense of purpose and replace human relationships with dollar bills.

I’m lucky enough not to experience poverty in my life. Growing up we were not rich, but never missed a meal or clothing or fun. We had the best childhood because our mom is the most resourceful and wise person on the planet. She has always been a boss when it came to finances. The queen of saving and smart shopping. Growing up under her surveillance, I never not knew how to handle money. Debt, overspending and debit card were unfamiliar expressions in my childhood.

That is why I’m shocked to hear that in the U.S having more than one debit card is standard. People spending their money (well actually the bank’s money) in advance, so they can repay it from their salary next month. What? Why would anyone ever do that? Why anyone would choose financial insecurity in exchange of unnecessary stuff? This is so far away from my mentality my by brain simply refuses to process this.

For me money means the numbers I have on my account and maybe some cash, but no more. If I can’t afford to travel or buy an expensive item or eat out then I don’t. I save up money, so in the future I can do all that stuff. But I would never ever spend non existent

money just for fun.I would rather live without travelling and eating out than risk future financial troubles.

On the other hand, when I have some extra money, I love to makes others happy with it. I like to buy gifts (however with my minimalist mindset I don’t want to buy useless stuff, so I usually don’t buy gifts) but even more: create experiences. This is why I decided that this year, to celebrate everybody’s birthday, I’m going to take my beloved Mom and brother for a wellness day. This way, we can spend some time together, relax (which is well deserved for all of us) enjoy the amazing weather and view from the spa..and just be together.

(423 words, 40 mins. I start every post with a title, then I have something in my mind, and the final result is completely different. I should start planning and have an outline where to start and where to end. On the other hand, I’m so proud of myself, because this is my first


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