Still dumpster diving: proud and well fed

Hey guys! Someone just asked me if I still dumpster dive. I was confused. WHY ON EARTH WOULD I STOP DUMPSTERDIVING? Saving the planet (and of course some money), cooking delicious meals and drinking freshly squeezed juice every day.  But then why I don’t post about it. Yeah that’s true, I’m not posting about it, because it is so natural for me now. And also I can’t take pretty social media appropriate pictures, because the only spot where I could take pictures is covered by my stuff. So I have ugly pictures. Sometimes I show the findings on my Instagram story, so if you are interested you can follow. But just to reassure you, I’m sharing the pictures from the past few weeks. Dumpster diving is so f**n’ cool. I eat much better than if I bought food for money.

Sziasztok! Nem rég kaptam a kérdést, hogy kukázom-e még. Kicsit összezavarodtam. MILYEN VILÁGKATASZTRÓFA TUDNA MEGÁLLÍTANI A KUKÁZÁSBAN? Ezzel jót teszek a környezetnek, pénzt spórolok, és mindemellett jobban kajálok mintha a saját pénzemből kéne vásárolnom: istenieket főzök és minden nap frissen facsart juice-okat iszom. Ezért nem is értettem a kérdést. Miért ne kukáznék, amíg van rá lehetőségem? Ezért, csak hogy megnyugtassam az izgalomtól égő lelketeket: még mindig a kukából eszem, és világi lakomákat csapok. Néha Instagram storyban megosztom a zsákmányt, de csini képet nem tudok csinálni, mert a szobám minden pontján van valami cucc. De most megosztom veletek az elmúlt hetek szerzeményét. (Egy részét legalábbis, amiről van képem.)


And this is what I do from the TRASH-FOOD \\ És ilyen kajákat készítek


Dumbster diving tb

I miss Denmark so much. I spend immense amount of money on food. But here is an inspiration for you. I made this short wideo about our last dumbsterdiving.

The 2 basic guideline for dumbsterdiving:

  • Clean after yourself: never leave te bags out, leave everything as you found or even cleaner
  • Use glowes: well it’s optional, but belive me, sometimes you need it.




So in the video you could see how we source the food

dupster diving - food1dupster diving - food2

Food Haul

It’s time for free food again. My dumpster diving lifestyle is coming to an end as I’m moving from Denmark soon. I’m going to spend my summer in Budapest yey.  Although I’m really happy I can spend time with my family and friends, I’m just not sure how to feel about paying for food again. I’m so used to free food, that we always have some veggies and fruits (I’m on the way to become a vegetarian, but talk about this in the next post), so I just don’t feel right to spend shitload of money on food again. Definitely I’m going to try some abandoned bins there as well, and I’m going to share the results. But based on my pre-research results it’s not going to be easy. 

But until then, let’s enjoy the free food, and see how much we save with dumpster diving.

(Even I was shocked. I’ve never tried to calculate the prices before)

The prices are only estimations, but I feel that some cases I underestimated the worth.

dupster diving -prices